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Choosing your Gate Size

Working out the size of your gate ahead of time will save you from some costly mistakes

When choosing your gate – there are 3 very common mistakes that need to be avoided

Mistake Number One: Installing Straining Assemblies without checking on gate sizes.
If you are installing new Strainer Assemblies, make sure that you design your post-assembly spacings with a Standard Gate opening in mind.
You could have a different opening, but then you will need to order a custom made gate, costing extra $$ – better to plan for a standard length.

Mistake Number Two: The Gate spacing measurement does not take into account the Gate Fittings.
Remember that you will need an extra 50mm in the gate spacing for your gate fittings.

Gate sizing has traditionally been calculated using imperial measurements, with gates being manufactured to fit a 10, 12, 14 or 16 foot spacing between the two posts.
This means that a standard 12 foot gate (3660mm) is made with a 3660mm space in mind – the gate actually measures from end to end at 3610mm – allowing another 50mm for fittings.

Standard Gate Sizes are:

Opening Gate Length
875mm (2’8”) 825mm
1075mm (3’3”) 1025mm
1220mm (4’0”) 1170mm
1525mm (5’0”) 1475mm
1830mm (6’0”) 1780mm
2440mm (8’0”) 2390mm
3050mm (10’0”) 3000mm
3660mm (12’0”) 3610mm
3660mm (12’0”) 3610mm
4270mm (14’0”) 4220mm
4880mm (16’0”) 4830mm

Mistake Number Three: The Gate spacing must be measured from the side of the assembly posts – not from  the centre of the posts.
This is a very common mistake that we see at Hello Fencing, the property owner thinks that they are doing the right thing by measuring from the centre of their thick timber posts…..when the gate turns up, it is too big for the opening!