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How Barbed Wire Makes Your Fence Safer

Discover how Barbed Wire can secure your fence. And how to choose the right one for you.

Barbed Wire. Think of it more as a deterrent!

Barbed Wire can seem like a very ugly and dangerous product.  Many beginner hobby farmers will generally steer clear with the belief that it will cause injury to animals or themselves.  However we need to look past its intimidating features and focus on the benefits that makes this type of fencing safe and functional.

How Barbed Wire makes your fence safer: 

The main purpose of Barbed Wire is to create extra respect for the fence.  It will prevent your stock animals, especially bigger and more destructive ones such as cattle leaning over to get the greener grass on the other side.  It will deter pests such feral cats & dogs, foxes and kangaroos jumping or climbing over.  Farmers have also been known to install it along the ground to prevent animals such as rabbits and foxes digging under.  Finally it will make curious individuals think twice before jumping your fence. 


Barbed Wire is a good alternative when you cannot use electric fencing to create fence respect or cannot risk it not working due to a fault or power outage.  It is also a more cost effective option that requires less maintenance compared to an electric fence.  

Barbed Wire has also been known to be used as a handy scratching tool for livestock, especially if they have been infected by mites.  

Types of Barb Wire: 

Hello Fencing provides a High & Soft Tensile (Iowa) option.  Both options are made in Australia using Galvanised wire.

High Tensile Barbed Wire is a great option for your standard Livestock fencing.  It uses a reverse twist pattern meaning it can slightly untwist under impact then return once the load has been removed.  This option also uses Heavy Galvanising meaning it will last approx. 4 x the life compared to standard making it more ideal for high corrosive environments like coastal areas. It also works as a more economical option on a per Km basis to Soft Tensile (Iowa) barb, as it uses a thinner wire.
Hello Fencing offers the following options: 



The major benefit of Soft Tensile (also known as Iowa style) Barbed Wire is that it requires low tension and has a continuous twist pattern locking the barb in place allowing for an easier installation with less tension.  Being made out of a thicker soft wire and strained under less load than the High Tensile Barbed Wire it performs better in bushfire prone areas. Hello Fencing offers the following options: