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How to Install a Gate to a Stockpost Strainer Post

Installing a gate can be tricky, but we are here to help.

In this example we have decided to weld on our gate fittings, but if you aren’t handy with a welder we have screw on options that will be great for you.

Here are the tools we used
  • Welder
  • Chip hammer
  • Grinder
  • Cold galv
  • Marker
Products used
Safety equipment
  • Safety glasses
  • Welding mark
  • Ear plugs
  • Fire extinguisher

Step one – Post Spacing

Sep up strainer post according to Gate size and spacing

Step two – Hinge Placements

Prop the gate up at your desired height
Place the hinges where you would like them to go
Mark the bottom of hinge on the post side and the top of the hinge on the gate side

Step three – Remove Galvanising

Remove the galvanising off the gate, post and gate fitting for better welds using a grinder

Step four – Weld gate hinges

Weld top hinge to post according to previous marks
Sit the gate on the top hinge to get the placement of the bottom hinge
Set the gaps and make sure they are the same on both sides
Tac on bottom hinge and ensure that the gate swings as intended
Remove the gate and do the final welds

Step five – Weld on gate latch

Decide where your like your latch to go
Weld latch into place
The gate latch can also be screwed on if necessary

Step six – Final touches

Clean up welds with chip hammer as needed
Spray cold galv to protect where the galvanising was removed