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Electric fencing is a fencing solution for the containment of cattle, horses, sheep, and other livestock.

At Hello Fencing, our electric fencing solutions can be used for both temporary or permanent fence installations. This includes electric fence wire, energisers (mains, solar & battery), insulated posts, post offsets, and other accessories for safe DIY installation of electric fencing.
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Whenever you have animals on your farm or property, you have the potential for damage to your crops or other animals. Livestock such as cattle and sheep are wilful creatures, and if they see a grazing ground they want, they will try everything they can to get to it, including the destruction of traditional fencing. Likewise, creatures outside of your perimeter will sometimes want to get at your livestock, and sadly, some types of fencing are ineffectual at keeping them away.

This is why there is such a demand for electric fences in Australia. Using a gentle but effective current, you can remind your animals of where they need to be without harming them and deter any would-be intruders from trespassing on your land. Electric fences can be used on any size of land and are often easy to dismantle and re-installed so that you can create an orderly grazing system. Farm electric fence supplies, however, are not all of the best quality, and you need to discover a supplier you can rely on.

Build Your Electric Fence System with Our Products

At Hello Fencing (leading online store for farm fencing supplies), we are a company that knows and understands the difficulties rural property owners have when it comes to finding great quality fencing. We have seen that you are often at the mercy of a few suppliers, none of whom are guaranteed to offer good quality nor reasonable prices. Now we aim to address that with a service that is specifically created for rural property owners looking for choice and competitive prices. Using the country’s best fencing suppliers and operating out of eight warehouses, we can guarantee quality fencing at great prices delivered to your door in no time at all!

We stock a wide variety of components and accessories when it comes to electric fences in Australia. Each farm or property will have different needs, and we try our best to cater to everyone. Farm electric fence supplies we offer include:

  • Electric fence wiring in many varieties of shape and length
  • Energisers, some of which are solar-powered, and all constructed to work in different weathers
  • Insulated posts to keep your fencing intact and safe from harm.
  • Post caps to keep the wiring from slipping or being compromised

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If you don’t see the item you require or are not really sure about which of our electric fencing products will suit your project best, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Send us a direct message with a few details about your project, or give us a call right now, and our dedicated customer service team will offer you expert advice and guidance as to what is most suitable for your requirements. Elsewhere on our website, you can use our DIY advice service, subscribe to our regularly updated newsletter, which contains all kinds of tips and insights, or use our innovative fence building software online to decide what you need to add to your order.

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It is also a good idea to set up your free account now so that you can track the order you make today and make quick repeat orders in future. Simply suppliers with a few details or get started by adding your item to your basket right now, following our simple checkout process, and we will confirm when your order is on its way!

We have a variety of farm fencing supplies on our online store including black electric fence wire to electric fence caps. Whatever fencing supply you need we have it at the best prices.
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Electric Fencing

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