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Electric Fencing for Horses

At Hello Fencing (leading farm fencing supplies online), we pride ourselves on our high-quality fences and low prices. If you’ve been considering installing an electric fence for your horse enclosure, you’ve come to the right place! Our customers get only the best with us, and we deliver Australia wide so that everyone can take advantage.

There are many reasons why electric fences could work for you, so if it’s something that you’ve been considering, keep on reading to find out more.
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The Advantages of Electric Fencing for Horses

Any kind of horse safe fencing is great when it comes to your horse enclosure as it ensures that your horse does not injure itself, as can often happen with other types of fencing. Some people choose to go one step further and install electric fencing. There are several reasons why people do so, including the following:

  • An affordable way to contain horses.
  • Prevent damage to fencing from horses pushing or rubbing against it.
  • Non-harmful to the animals, the shock is small and acts as a deterrent, teaching the horse to stay away from the fence edges.
  • Higher durability and less maintenance due to less sustained damage from horses.
  • Reduces the risk of other injuries to the horse as it will avoid the fence so will be less likely to get stuck in the fencing or injure itself trying to escape.

Our electric fence kit for horses will provide you with what’s needed to set up your new horse fencing. With a number of benefits that come with installing electric fencing on your property, both for you and your horses, what are you waiting for?

Choose Hello Fencing: Leading Electirc Fence Kit for Horses

When it comes to great fencing for affordable prices, Hello Fencing is the obvious choice. There are many reasons why we are the best, so let us explain them to you.

First off, we deliver all over Australia from our 8 warehouses so we can get your electric fence kit for horses to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are also able to provide contactless deliveries with our national logistics partners.

Perhaps the biggest reason we are the best choice is our competitive prices. We offer the best prices in the industry and with us, you also get to take advantage of our wealth of knowledge, DIY advice and handy tutorial videos.

We have Australia’s largest range of rural fencing products, and we will happily offer you any tips or advice, regardless of whether you’re looking for basic equipment to start out or are taking on a larger project.

Get Your Electric Fence Kit for Horses Today

If you are interested in getting electric fencing for your horse enclosures, get in touch today. Alternatively, browse through our collection to find the best fit for you and use our digital tool to figure out your quote.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or queries and we will be sure to offer any advice you may need.

We have a variety of farm fencing supplies including steel post and rail fencing to horse rail. Whatever fencing supply you need we have it at the best prices.
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