Electric Fence Tread In & Pigtail Posts for Sale Online Australia
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Electric Fence Tread In & Pigtail Posts

If you are raising livestock, it is important to be able to manage which fields are grazed without causing damage to the land. It’s for this reason that many farmers choose to use temporary electric fences. These tend to be much lighter in construction and do not have the same capacity for harm as other types of fencing. They can be removed and moved around at will, increasing your control over your grazing system and allowing you to move your animals around in an orderly way.
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Need Electric Fence Tread In Posts for Your Property?

Electric fence tread in posts are crucial to creating a well-designed easy to install / temporary electric fence system. Sometimes called pigtail posts, electric fence tread in posts must be strong and resilient against weather and potential impact, as well as long enough to maintain a hold on your ground should the fence be compromised. Getting hold of good quality pigtail posts in Australia is not always easy, though, and the field of choice can be quite narrow with many suppliers. That is where we come in.

Leading Pigtail Posts in Australia: Sturdy but Lightweight

With many years of experience working with Hello Fencing (leading online store for farm fencing supplies), we’ve seen time and again just how little choice many rural property owners have when it comes to buying protective fencing and fencing supplies. We are here to address that, using the contacts and suppliers we’ve built up over the years to offer a greater range of things like electric fencing pigtails and other fencing products, all at a reasonable price and delivered at unrivalled speeds from any of our eight locations!

Those who have used pigtail posts in Australia before will know just how important it is that they are created with the most robust materials that can stand up to the punishment of the harsh Australian environment. We have two offers when it comes to pigtail post insulators:

Electric Fence Insulator Pigtail Standard Tread In Post

This is our standard electric fence post which comes in a pack of five. It features:

  • A sturdy construction that measures 6 mm x 1060 mm
  • Spring steel with a non-breakable steel foot
  • Insulated top

Electric Fence Post Tredaline White

This is designed to accommodate multi-wires for a more secure fence. Made from heavy-duty white plastic, it is lightweight but still sturdy enough to withstand the Australian climate. It comes in packs of 25 and features:

  • 1080 mm in length
  • Heavy-duty tread in foot
  • UV resistant polymer

Need Advice on Getting Some Electric Fencing Pigtails? Get in Touch!

If you have any trouble working out what electric fencing pigtails or other kinds of post you require, then don’t despair! Our expert customer service team are ready to receive your direct messages or phone calls and will be able to offer you expert guidance and the insights you need to work out the right item for your project. You can also take a look at our innovative fence builder or use our DIY advice section to help you fulfil your requirements.

Register Your Free Account and Order Pigtail Post Insulators & Fences Today!

You will benefit from creating a free account with us, too, where you will be able to not only repeat your order in the future but to track the one you make today. To get started, simply fill in the registration form with a few details, add your chosen post or other fencing supplies to your basket, follow the simple checkout process, and we will let you know once it has all been confirmed and get ready to send it out to you in no time at all!

We have a variety of farm fencing supplies on our online store including electric fence Australia to electric fence caps. Whatever fencing supply you need we have it at the best prices.
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