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At Hello Fencing we supply a wide variety of Gate Fittings. When choosing your fitting, you will need to determine if you are fixing your gate to a Timber or Steel or Stay Assembly. For a Timber Stay we recommend the FG4.

Innovation isn’t always needed in rural designs. Simple things work well; they get the job done often, and they don’t require any specialised tools or hassle. That’s often the case, but not always. In the past, barbed wire fencing was common for livestock, but barbed wire can be hazardous for everyone involved. It’s a solid choice if safer options are unavailable; however, it’s sometimes not enough of a deterrent for your animals until it seriously hurts them, and at that point, fencing becomes the least of your concerns. You need fencing which accounts for when your animals are agitated, in heat, or simply being unpredictable. That’s why the founder of Hello Fencing helped to pioneer the Zappa and Equirail designs, which do away with old barbed wire fences in favour of safe, sustainable, long-lasting PVC rails.
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Secure Your Animals Stress-Free with Our Cattle Fence Gate Hardware

Zappa is also very easy to electrify, which only improves the safety of your animals from both themselves and potential predators. Still, an electric fence means you want to install a safe and insulated gate for yourself, and we offer the best tools and parts for that. If you need reliable and safe cattle fence gate hardware, nuts, latches, and other parts, you’ve come to the best company for it! Hello Fencing, much like Think Fencing, is dedicated to looking after Australia’s people, animals, and economy, and our practices have been award-winning for our service and sustainability. You’re in trustworthy hands.

Safe and Reliable Pieces: Cattle Fence Gate Hardware

What are the parts you’ll need? If you aren’t sure yet, Hello Fencing (leading online store for farm fencing supplies), is happy to offer you some help in that regard. The most important parts cattle fence gate hardware will probably be your insulated gate handle. If you want to keep your whole gate electrified, that will usually include the gate, which will also be live when shut and allowing the current to pass through completely. The right handle will allow you to safely open the gate when it’s live without needing to compromise the safety of your perimeter.

That much is the case if your fence is temporary. For a permanent fence, you’ll want to run a heavy insulated cable deep under the fence to make sure that the whole fence remains live even while your gate is open. If you’d like to learn more about these setups, feel free to call us!

You’ll also want a solid gate anchor to ensure your gate is live when it’s closed. The anchor operates the way an insulator does for the rest of the fence; that is, it keeps the fencing from losing any of its current to the ground, which would deliver no shocks to anything touching the fence. Our gate anchor is made of sturdy polymer and is shaped specifically to avoid any cuts or scrapes while operating the gate.

Try Our Fence Builder

You can come to Hello Fencing with only the most basic idea of what you need for your fencing; we’re still happy to help. Our Fence Builder feature allows you to input your fence requirements, such as how long it needs to be and what sort of animals it will secure. You can even draw your fence around your property using Google Maps for ease! Once you’ve specified the length or shape of your fence, you can choose if you need mesh, Zappa, or any of our other varieties. Plus, once you’ve input all your preferences, we’ll give you an accurate estimate of the total.

Need a Cattle Fence Gate Hardware? All Enquiries Welcome

If we sell you something, you can be sure we’re happy to guide you through its use and installation. To get in touch, just call the number at the top of this page!

We have a variety of farm fencing supplies on our online store for including wire mesh fencing brisbane to wire fencing. Whatever fencing supply you need we have it at the best prices.
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