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Fence Wire Strainers

To strain up your fence wire, the tried and true method is to use a Chain Strainer. For straining up a mesh fence you will need 2 Chain Strainers connected to a Mesh Clamp (see our video for tips). An alternative to the Chain Strainer, is to use a Permanent Wire Strainer – this stays on the fence, and can be ratcheted up, if the fence sags.
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Buy a Farm Fence Wire Strainer from a Company That Understands and Cares

We at Hello Fencing (leading online store for farm fencing supplies), know that you have enough to worry about already with rural life. When you’re a bit further out, you often have to handle things yourself. If something needs building, you build it; if something’s broken, you fix it; if something doesn’t make sense, you sit down and figure it out. Then, if you have animals, you have your animal logistics. Are there any predators? How do you keep them out? Are they getting enough food? Does this one have any diseases? After that, you often have to keep track of the weather more than folks closer to the city, and the list only goes on and on. We know that all too well, so with all that to keep track of, we believe fencing should be the easy part. You choose it, you buy it, we ship it, it arrives, you install it, and job done. That’s why we work to sell you fencing that worries about itself for years to come.

Hello Fencing understands rural concerns and the farm fence wire strainer needed therein better than almost any other company, and we’re proud to make your life easier for you. Our farm fence wire strainers make your wire fence installation as easy as possible without risking your safety. They’re suitable for fences with multiple wires, and with a bit of oiling and care, this tool will last years and still work perfectly. Fencing should be simple and easy, so if something’s not intuitive, we make sure to offer clear and sensible explanations for that product. In other words, you can count on us from choosing an item all the way to installation.

Using Your Farm Fence Wire Strainer

If you’ve never used a wire strainer before, don’t worry! They’re not the most straightforward looking tool, and they’re certainly not self-explanatory, so a little confusion makes perfect sense. Your wire strainer is perfect for adding appropriate tension to your wire fence, fixing a broken wire, joining two wires, or securing your wire to its fence post.

If you’re wondering what the appropriate tension is, that will vary. It depends on how many wires your fence consists of as well as what sort of animals you’re securing and what type of wire it is. You’ll also strain your wires differently depending on their thickness. Thin fence wire and thick barbed wire, for instance, will have very different tensile requirements.

To make things easy for you, we include a clear and comprehensive guide on which tension is recommended for each type of wire and its thickness. We also provide clearly illustrated instructions and safety information for you to save you any time spent fumbling or puzzling over the tool!

Leading Farm Fence Wire Strainer: Rely on Us for Help

We’ve quickly grown into one of the largest providers of rural fencing products in Australia by looking out for our customers. If you need to buy something and also know how it works, we won’t leave you fumbling in the dark; we have dozens of helpful video tutorials on our site, and if none of them cover the tool or fencing you need to be explained, we’re happy to receive your call! You can reach us at 1800 314 408.

We have a variety of farm fencing supplies on our online store including farm gates to star pickets. Whatever fencing supply you need we have it at the best prices.
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Fence Wire Strainers

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