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When you first start out in land management, it is very easy to fall into the trap of buying cheap but ineffective fencing. In your excitement over what you can do with your land, you may not consider that different types of fencing have different uses. But those who have worked in agriculture or on farms for some time will have likely seen the damage that can be done to property if inappropriate fencing has been installed.
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Get Your Welded Mesh Fencing from Us!

In the main, good quality welded mesh fencing is a perfect option for those who are looking to rear animals and raise crops. You may be creating an aviary, housing rabbits or dogs, and weld mesh could be a good option.

Horizontal and vertical wires are welded together, and it has a galvanised finish for extra strength. That said, it is not the strongest type of mesh that we sell, so if you are looking for something particularly heavy-duty, other options may suit you better. Usually, welded mesh fencing is made from low carbon steel or stainless-steel wire and works effectively against security issues and holds up well against poor weather. Getting hold of quality welded wire mesh fence panels is not always so simple, though. Many suppliers have limited choices and are not always forthcoming in advice and guidance. Furthermore, high prices do not necessarily mean high quality.

If you are planning on using our galvanised mesh for an animal enclosure, we recommend that you treat it to remove excess zinc that could possibly harm the pets. You can do this by shaving off any zinc spikes with a utility knife. Once this is done, scrub the mesh with a mild solution of vinegar (2 cups in a bucket of water) and rinse with clean water.

Excellent Service with Many Welded Mesh Fencing Options to Choose From

Hello Fencing (leading online store for farm fencing supplies), has grown from the largest fencing supplier in the country, we have seen first-hand just how difficult it can be for rural property owners to get decent traditional fencing. That’s why we have developed a service that offers traditional rural fencing, using the suppliers and service techniques we have picked up over our years with Think Fencing. That means you will get the widest variety of excellent fencing from the best welded mesh fencing suppliers in the business, all at a competitive price and delivered quickly from one of our eight locations.

Our welded mesh fencing is perfect for those looking to protect or manage smaller animals like birds or guinea pigs. It can be an excellent way of keeping your dogs or cats out of unwanted areas, too. Of all our fencing, it is highly variable in size, thickness and aperture, so it is worth thinking carefully about what you need it for before committing to buy. Options include:

  • Wire diameters of 0.63mm to 2.5mm
  • Between 900mm and 1200mm in height
  • 12.7mm by 12.7mm to 75mm x 50mm hole sizes

We sell it in lengths of 15m, 20m and 30m. Check out our fence builder to see how much you need! 

Need Fencing Welded Mesh? Let Us Guide You!

Whatever you need your fencing welded mesh for, we are sure all of your requirements will be met on our website. However, if you are having trouble deciding what fencing welded mesh will suit your property best, you have come to the right place! Either send us a direct message, give us a call or take a look at our DIY advice section, and we will gladly offer you the benefit of our experience in selecting the most suitable mesh fencing for you. You might also like to take a look at our news section for further tips and advice, and even take advantage of our online fencing tool so you can get the best deal possible.

Leading Welded Mesh Fencing Supplier in Australia: Order Today for a Quick Delivery!

We understand that many of our customers want to get the products they need at the best prices. That is why you can view all our products online and have them delivered directly to your door. By shopping online, you can take advantage of our wide range of stock and shop at a time that is convenient to you.

To start your order, you can register for a free account now to make it easier to repeat your order and track your delivery today. When you’re ready, add your chosen item to your basket, follow through the simple checkout procedure, and we will let you know when your order has been processed. We will then dispatch your item from the closest of our warehouses so you can expect it to arrive quickly!

We have a variety of farm fencing supplies on our online store including electric fence tread in posts to farm tarpaulins. Whatever fencing supply you need we have it at the best prices.
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