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Dog Wire Mesh Fencing

Our dog mesh fencing is a graduated welded mesh, which has smaller holes at the bottom of the mesh, and larger holes at the top. It has a heavy 2.5mm wire with a 75x50mm hole. Wire mesh is an ideal fencing solution and is designed for dogs and similar sized animals. If you have a dog who jumps, Hello Fencing recommends a heavy duty chain mesh or knotted fence. Shop our graduated dog mesh today.
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Keep Your Dogs Safe and Healthy with the Best Dog Wire Mesh You Can Find

Caring for your dog can be a little harder out in the countryside. Your furry little companion might have herding or guarding responsibilities; aside from that, there’s also more potentially hazardous plants and animals to watch out for, and your more active breeds suited to rural life will also need plenty of space to exercise and play. Altogether, it’s a hefty task to manage, and if it can be made easier anywhere, it should be. So, we at Hello Fencing (leading online store for farm fencing supplies), choose to remove all the confusion and complexity out of choosing the right fencing for your dog. Let other things be a headache; the fencing can be simple and stress-free.

We don’t just do this for dog mesh fencing. All our dog mesh fencing is made easy for our customers wherever possible. If you worry about finding someone to install your fence, just look in the mirror! All our fencing is extremely DIY friendly, and our video guides make the steps in the process clear as day. Meanwhile, if you’re not sure which fencing suits your animals, you’ll find each one marked with recommendations and advice. You also don’t need to worry about excessive maintenance costs later on because Hello Fencing products are galvanised and expertly made. As far as simplicity goes, we’re outliers, but we believe this sort of ease for customers should be the norm.

Welded and Chain Options Available: Dog Wire Mesh

When it comes to securing your dogs, you’ll often see chain mesh recommended. Chain mesh, also called chain-link fencing, is something you’ve almost certainly seen before. This diamond-patterned fencing is used in everything from security to construction to residential yards, and its versatility makes it a favourite for keeping trespassers out and dogs in. This type of fence is almost always galvanised, which means it resists corrosion and is durable in all weather conditions. Plus, chain mesh is designed to expand to absorb impact before returning to its standard shape, which makes it perfect for highly animated, curious, or protective dogs that jump at passing animals or people.

Our own industrial dog wire mesh is welded mesh, which is another solid option for dog enclosures. Welded mesh features a rectangular vertical pattern which is smoother and more customisable than other fences. Our welded dog wire mesh for dogs is also heavy-duty industrial grade. If you do opt for this type of fence, however, we highly recommend cleaning the mesh of zinc! New galvanised wire fencing will often have zinc spikes on the exterior due to the manufacturing of the coating, and these can be harmful to your pets. You can read a detailed description of how to safely clean your new mesh under the product description.

Leading Doy Mesh Fencing: DIY Friendly

We at Hello Fencing love supporting our customers by handling a lot of the research and complexity for them, but we also enjoy supporting you when you decide to take matters into your own hands. If you visit our “DIY Advice” section, you’ll find articles on everything from how to safely use barbed wire to choosing a gate size to a detailed explanation of earthing and how it helps you.

Have Any Doubts Getting a Dog Mesh Fencing Online?

That’s what our stellar technical support is for! If you have any product questions or want some guidance as you install your fencing, you can just call us. We’re happy to be of service.

We have a variety of farm fencing supplies on our online store including chicken wire fence to horse fence wire. Whatever fencing supply you need we have it at the best prices.
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Dog Wire Mesh Fencing